Back at the Ranch - Bodacious Boots

If you have a hankering for big, bad, bodacious cowboy boots, then step inside BACK AT THE RANCH. This twenty-one year old Santa Fe company makes custom, hand-made boots that are definitely not for working but for strutting. They have their own factory in El Paso, Texas so they can turn out boots that are beautifully designed and  fit like a glove.  And, these boots are addictive. Your first Back at the Ranch boots probably won't be your last. I met a gal in Santa Fe who has dozens and built specially-designed shelves to show them off.  And folks have been known to fly private jets into Santa Fe to pick up a pair or two. Here's what all the fuss is about:

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

Buy these swell "heart" boots and all the money goes to the American Heart Association.

They also carry a gorgeous line of contemporary Cowboy jewelry by
 Santa Fe designers, Damien & Alex

And, owner Wendy Henry has a charming collection of Baby Boots (NFS), that just go to show that it's never too early to begin  wearing swell cowboy boots.

So, drop by, have a seat and try a few...

209 East Marcy Street

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