Cielo - Heavenly Luxuries

This is a wastebasket!

I know, I know, who waxes poetic about a wastebasket. Well, obviously I do.
And, if you think this is lovely, wait until you peruse the other
stunning things in this beautiful, beautiful store - Cielo Bedding.

This is what you see when you walk through the front door.

And it only gets better...

And two doors down is Cielo Tabletop

I figure that if your table is set with anything from Cielo, you could serve
creamed spam and your guests wouldn't even notice.

And, so much more.

Cielo Bedding
322 S. Guadalupe St.  Santa Fe, NM

Cielo Tabletop
316 S. Guadalupe St.  Santa Fe, NM

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