Since CLAFOUTIS opened in Santa Fe three-and-a-half years ago,  I think I've been there a zillion times. It's the next best thing to being in Paris and there's no jet lag! And the luscious pastries and breads and cookies and crepes and lovely bowls of cappuccino and sandwiches and soups and quiches...are simply wonderful. And who could resist the charm of  co-owner Ann-Laurie Ligier greeting you with "Bonjour" and a huge smile as you walk through the door.
She works the front of the house while her amazing chef husband, Philippe, works the back of the house, arriving at 3am and whipping up pastry heaven while the rest of us are in the land of nod.  

And then there's daughter Charlotte who also works in the restaurant and has that irresistible Ligier smile...

Now, don't drool...

And guess where I'll be this Saturday?

402 Guadalupe St.
7am - 5pm  Monday - Saturday

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