Theresa Bohm and James Russell Godman Jr. are keepers of the past, and to walk through their HOUSE OF ANCESTORS shop, tucked along busy Cerrillos Road, is like stepping into a charming time machine.

They live in Galisteo, New Mexico in a beautifully restored and furnished adobe home filled with antiques culled from their travels  and their passion for collecting.  Jim's parents were antique  dealers and he remembers hanging on every word when their dealer friends would talk shop.  "I was eight and would absorb everything like a sponge," he says. 

Jim's first antique venture was an  Early American and Shaker furniture business in Hudson, New York. One day Theresa walked through the door. "I collected French antiques," she says, "but I was restoring a house and needed some architectural pieces."  

They moved to New Mexico, combined their considerable talents and opened HOUSE OF ANCESTORS, a repository of authentic Early American, Southwest, Guatemalan, Latin American, and European antiques.  Every piece is hand-picked, so when you walk into their shop - every table, chair, painting, bowl... has a wonderful story. 

One of a pair...

After a scouting trip and the containers arrive, this room is packed with treasures.  Call to see when the next shipment is in!

H O U S E   O F   A N C E S T O R S

1219 Cerrillos Road - Santa Fe, NM






One hundred and fifty artists comprise the MEOW WOLF collective and for the past eight years they have been producing wildly-creative pop culture projects and installations around Santa Fe. 

Two years ago, this band of art renegades received a three-million dollar plus gift of a 20,000 square foot abandoned bowling alley including renovations - the first step in realizing a mega MEOW WOLF dream.

THE UBER-GENEROUS BENEFACTOR? Santa Fe's own GEORGE R.R. MARTIN,  author/creator of "GAME OF THRONES" and burgeoning philanthropist. The collective raised another 2.7 million dollars and 18 months later, with artists and technicians working at a fever pitch, the amazingly-wonderful theme park/interactive art installation and blow-your-mind destination opened its doors.  

T A K E   A   P E E K...

This mysterious  Victorian house is your portal into the delights that await. Each room holds secrets  to the fictional owners of the house, the Selig family, and as you wend your way through the two-story home, you gather clues that reveal their story. 



But I just loved wandering through and observing its strangeness -buckled floors, wavy molding on the walls that looks like it has melted, and a refrigerator that opens to reveal a passage into the amazing spaces beyond the house. 

Or, if you choose, you can exit through the fireplace or the toilet in the bathroom (yup!) to continue your journey into the warren of surreal rooms and walkways that MEOW WOLF artists have articulated so joyfully.   

Photo courtesy of Meow Wolf


Tree-house rendering courtesy of MEOW WOLF

Photo courtesy of Meow Wolf

A slice of Chinatown ...

All the parts of this geometric art piece are movable so, you can create a personal vision.

Who wouldn't want to step into this graphically splendid room?

Or to walk on a carpet that has a neon glow???

Or to dress for the occasion. Perfect MEOW WOLFish couture.

A light show everywhere your turn...

Place your palm on the palm and a door to a secret room opens...beam me up!

Photo courtesy of Meow Wolf

LOTS and lots of black and white...Graphics Heaven!

My favorite being this room installation where a simple vintage kitchen is turned into a black and white gem...

          Open the cabinets on either side of the window and surprise!

Note the dog/buffalo on the lawn...

The small details throughout the whole art instillation are amazing and you'd need a few visits to take them all in.

 A quiet spot...to hide...

 A giant white rabbit joined the party.

Family portraits????? grace a hallway.

Even the bathroom walls are amazing!

 And...very tempting to walk though this doorway...

The wonderful images that greet you at every turn are delightful...

A perfect MEOW WOLF vending machine...

M E O W   W O L F
1352 Rufina Circle
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CLOSED Tuesdays