A   C E L E B R A T I O N   I N   S I L K

Coats by Singular artist - Valentin Arrellin

Step into Artist Sarah Nolan's Gallery/Studio - tucked into The Plaza Galeria in downtown Santa Fe - and be ready to be blown away.  When I was invited to drop by and take a look, I didn't expect the artistry that  turns a simple silk coat into a hand painted wonderland of color and design.

A transplanted New Yorker, Nolan entered the  Art Couture world by chance after being in  corporate America for a number of years as a 'fixer' - turning around under- performing companies. On a whim she hand painted a golden silk coat to wear to a corporate event where the usual attire, she says, was predictably conservative.  In a room full of blue and black suites, her painterly coat turned heads, and to her surprise and delight,  six women  commissioned  coats. 

A business was launched, showcasing her own designs and those of other talented artists invited to turn silk coats into wearable art.

T H E   G A L L E R Y -  S H O W R O O M

Quilt coat made from a hand woven Oaxaca table cloth..beautifully symmetrical...

Native American SINGULAR Artists

Felted wool embellishment adds a singular decorative element...

Unique artisan accessories too...

T H E   S T U D I O
A wonderful space, just behind the main gallery/showroom.0

When Sara left the corporate world  and began making art, she would forage junk yards for interesting objects  to paint and then stamp onto paper, wood and fabric. She fell in love with the medium and decided to go to India to learn wood block printing. She met artisans there who could carve anything and began commissioning them to carve her designs. The studio walls are filled with hundreds of these beautifully-carved wood blocks, what she calls her visual vocabulary.

She even had the pattern of her own hand carved onto a printing block. And she still uses her found objects to create arresting designs on her silk coats.

An old heating grate...

 Large work tables dominate the space and she uses wooden patterns- slipped between the front and back of the coat - to create
 a flat surface to make the design/stamping process easier.

Here Sarah is showing me an original design that will be
sent to her collective of artisans in India to hand paint and reproduce  in a limited
edition for the Gallery.

T H E   T E A M

Santa Fe's legendary gallerist Jane Sauer (standing) with Artist Sarah Nolan posing for the camera during my gallery/studio visit. Jane is now working with Sarah to create her 'brand' and market SINGULAR COUTURE to a sophisticated audience. A dynamic duo I'd say...





Showcasing the work of Hispanic Artists
Israel F. Haros Lopez and

 Valentin Arrellin
 (wearing one of his creations)

Friday, July 28th -  5 - 8 pm





M A S T E R   O F   T H E   S O U T H W E S T

ANTHONY E. MARTINEZ   is  a Native New Mexican, growing up in the Española and Chimayo Valley, just to the north of Santa Fe. While other kids were playing with model airplanes and whatever a 7 or 8-year old did back then, Anthony was falling in love with the Spanish Colonial furniture that he experienced in in his grandfather's home.  And when he saw that these beautiful, hand-carved pieces were being brought to the dump and replaced with store-bought 'modern' furniture, it struck a cord that sent him on a lifelong journey to re-create these treasures - many museum pieces - and educate the world to their beauty and craftsmanship.

For twenty years he exhibited at SANTA  FE'S SPANISH MARKET, winning first place awards in multiple years. He was named Masters of the Southwest - Master Furniture Maker by Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, and when he looked for a  a gallery to showcase his work,  the prestigious GERALD PETERS GALLERY didn't hesitate to represent him.  

Now, after a nine-year hiatus - he was creating furniture for a private collector - Anthony's back at GERALD PETERS and his show -  that opened this weekend - is a visual tour de force.  The gallery placed all of his work in a beautiful room just off the main gallery. A large stone fireplace dominates one wall and his chests and trastero cabinets are paired with gorgeous paintings that resonate with the colors and textures of his luminous furniture. It's like stepping into a wonderfully-appointed living room. 

T H E   S T U D I O

Several weeks before the opening, I stopped by Anthony's studio to photograph his work in progress and get a feel for his art.  What I discovered were his diverse talents - his  before-making-furniture-life - that he shared with me. 

The guitar and music filling the studio was a give away...

He did a stint in Hollywood...

He does photography and paints...

Turning a photograph into a sketch and then into a painting
or a carving...

Let's see..he was a machinist/designer... 

This delicate silver medallion with a black onyx in the center was hand cut/hand stamped and then applied to a magnificent New Mexico walnut desk.

And he collects ornate antique locks for his furniture...

A photographer's dream...fabulous 'stuff' everywhere...

He makes these charming children's chairs for friends and family..

T H E   W O R K

The 'STAR' of the studio visit was a beautiful chest (caja) he was working on for the GERALD PETERS GALLERY show.   


Always the perfectionist...he wasn't happy with the finish and took it down to its raw wood and began again...

"The finish of each piece must be perfect; If I'm not happy with it, I
can't expect my client to be."

 Then begins the many, many layers of color and aging and finishing...

The sun helps in the process...

P E R F E C T I O N !


JULY 14 - AUGUST 19, 2017

1005 Paseo de Peralta

Santa Fe, NM 87501